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Bangla Natok Rupkotha Noy

Watch new Bangla Natok Rupkotha Noy. Script and Direction Foyjur Razzak Tuhin.
Staring: Jayanta Chattapadhay, Faruk Ahmed, Pran Ray, Samima Tusty
Producer : Sazzad Khan

The story; a village fisherman has found a rare Mohashol fish in the someshwary river. The river water has diluted by oil from dredging machine.  After that the greedy school committee president grab the fish from the fisherman showing many causes. Then, the most powerful Talukder has grab the fish from the school committee president. At last, none will be able to eat the fish, because it's dilution. 

Enjoy full drama.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Facebook posts

Facebook Posts
Facebook Posts
Since, the shooting has done of the Telefilm "Susang Moharajer Guptadhon", we are submitting photos and information about this telefilm by Facebook posts. Facebook posts are very popular and easy to reach people, who are connected or friends friend  or someone share with others. Also, we give value likes and comments on our posts and thus we know how other people are thinking about our Telefilm; this is the best way to pick up best thinking for our future plans and productions. May be you had liked or commented our Facebook posts and this is the opportunity to keep them at one place by post in our blogger blog, they will never lost and you will see them any time; may be after few weeks or a year.

Please see below some Facebook posts (selected) with information about the post. Hope, you will like them very much and for sure when you will see them after some times, it will be very much fascinating; this is the our intention to gather all Facebook posts in one place.

Facebook posts are in Bengali language, so who are not used to then translate with your language using translating button at left below.

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Facebook posts about the Telefilm

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Story of making telefilm


Someshwari River
Someshwari River
Today, I will write about the story of making telefilm "Susang Moharajer Guptadhon". Every new creation gives pleasure to the creator, but I was turned on and it was my dream creation; as first time I was exciting to create something in my spirit. The world is so big, but I am very small... however my thinking is not small as I am; I conceive as the world so big. I have limitation in my lifetime, I cannot do whatever I suppose; but I will must do something creative and I will endure till the world lust... though I will not survive physically.

Begin of my writing about the story of making telefilm, I would wish to present myself as the scriptwriter of this telefilm "Susang Moharajer Guptadhon". I wrote the script about the place, where I born; scenes are really known to me and facts is from the floor of the situation. There are Hills (Garo Hills), River (Someshwari)... all together the place surrounded by beautiful nature. I have taken the story of this historical place for my writing, yes indeed it was really interesting for me to write about; and an ancient school was my subject where I desired to focus about the education system for poor children based on a true fact of 1980 to 1985.

The script was ready, but I do know where to start or how to make a Television production; I was writing on Facebook and found R.a Rahul, who had read the script and found it interesting to work on it. We attained so many meetings about plans, casting and shooting schedule. After that, we went to the place of shooting to select locations. R.a Rahul, Jubair Hillol and me went there (Susang Durgapur, Netrakona) and we had finalized some locations including Durgapur Govt. high school as known as Susang Jamindar house, Modhubabu house as known as Susang Moharaja's Garden, Garo hills, Somehwari river, Sakhayet, Birisiri etc.

The shooting date was fixed, but main casting Mr. Mamunur Rashid suddenly informed us that he will not do in this telefilm; I wanted to pay much more for a new artist, as I was keen for the production as fixed, but it seems someone among us did not work correctly or he did not treat my emotion I deserve; I had shocked. I tried to keep the shooting date as fixed, I remember that I stayed on Zahed Hosen Mongla's tea stall together with Anayet kabir and tried over phone to make it happen, but without success. I had to come back Dhaka with so much distress and the story of making telefilm was a nightmare to me.. 

But the story of making telefilm was not finish; after I come back to Dhaka, we fixed new shooting date to 29th September to 1st October, 2013. I remember R.a Rahul, Anayet Kabir and me were waiting for artist whole day and till late night, as we were at Birisiri, Durgapur and all preparation had done; in 29th September late night all artist arrived at Birisiri, Durgapur and I was very much excited. Legendary actor Probir Mitra, Dr. Ezaz, AKM Hasan were with us, it was amazing feelings. 30th September to 1st October, 2013 were shooting date; but rain delayed to start shooting at morning; however we could not complete shooting that time and came back to Dhaka.

I was stressed, no progress or did not see proper initiative to complete the telefilm; every moment, evtyday day and few months I just punished terribly in my heart. Later on one year, we have completed shooting in 5th May, 2014. It will not justified if I do not reveal here about behind the tantrums of my writing about sstory of making telefilm. It was very much painful for me for the uncompleted shooting, as I had to assimilate so much critique from my so called allies, who did not co-operate me but did criticism. Besides, my parents were really distressing, as they gave me money for this telefilm. Here, I would like to mention that Ra Rahul (Director of this Telefilm) and mine are the producer. Also Mr. Sazzad khan helped contributing financially at a crisis moment, otherwise we could not complete shooting in 5th May, 2014; I express my sincere gratitude to him.

Today the 22nd September, 2014 Monday; the music has done by Biplab Barua.

Final editing will be on 01st October, 2014; hope for a good production and conclusion as well of making telefilm.

Sunday, June 22, 2014



We are very much pleased to announce that the official Promo of the Telefilm Susang Moharajer Guptadhon has released on Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo. The duration of the Promo is 2 minutes and 14 seconds, but the full length is 1 hour 12 minutes. The promo has produced from some part of this telefilm. It has tried to show interesting parts and ideas which contains on it. But it is not enough to understand the full telefilm seeing this promo. So. wait till the telefilm on Air and enjoy the full.

More interesting Videos:

The Telefilm under editing and will be on Aired soon in a private channel in Bangladesh.

Youtube Promo

Dailymotion Promo

Vimeo Promo

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Premier Show

Sudorshon Chakrabartty, Probir Mitra, Suraiya Gulshan Ara, Hosne Ara
Sudorshon Chakrabartty, Suraiya Gulshan Ara, Probir Mitra, Hosne Ara
Hopefully, everything will be measured, The remainder of the work of this Telefilm will be completed easily in time. We are directly involved, we are the organizer and eventually made this Telefilm; but those are more interested than us who hold regular news about this. That's true! We could not run long without the energy, they gave us; we could not progress much without co-operation of all. If everyone is collaborative, the task goes easy. It has demonstrated this time again. One more thing, at that place are no so many people to spoil a work, But majority people co-operate if the work is honest.

Therefore, the goals of the work necessary to fix, And the objectives and destinations should be set. We were determined, so we have succeeded. We desire to divvy up the achievement equally with all. Who collaborates with us, we are thankful to them. Mr. Emdad Khan (Upazila Chairman), Abdur Razzak Kanchan (Advocate), Rubina Akhter, Thana Executive Officer, in charge of the police officers, Suraiya Gulshan Ara (Head Teacher), Hosne Ara (Teacher), Mr. Iahia (Head Teacher), brother Gopal, Shahid Khan (Principle)- We convey our sincere gratitude to them. Especially thanks to the students of Krisner-Char School- they practiced tirelessly according to script almost two months. Also, about 400 students of the Durgapur Govt. Girls School and Susang Adarsa Biddaniketon; have successfully taken part in this Telefilm, we thank them from our heart. 

Rest shooting will be completed by 5th May, 2014. When it will ready to show after editing, we want to organize a premier show at Durgapur Govt. Girls School; The school head teacher has shown interest in this subject. Mr. Sazzad Khan (Manager, Agrani Bank, Birisiri) and Anayet Kabir will lead and organize the show.

Hopefully the first Premier show we will be successful.

We are very much sorry to announce that we could not arrange the premier show on due date at Durgapur Govt. high School. We hope and will announce new date of the premier show very soon. please stay with us... By Foyjur Razzak Tuhin on 21/09/2014.
Premier Show
Durgapur Govt. Girls School
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Dr. Ezaz
Dr. Ezaz
Next shooting at Pubail May 5th, 2014
The 29th September to 1st October, 2013; the shooting of the Telefilm Susang Moharajer Guptadhon- has done in the Last Frontier of India bordering Bangladesh is very pleasant and natural beauty of the Netrakona district at Susang Durgapur. Shooting groups have pursued different sights of Susang Durgapur, had more to shoot on that place, but because of time taken from the Shooting Locations. Lahiri Bari is broken building such temples (People saying 400-year-old), is a place of horror, the temples surrounding dense Jungle, there is no shade during the day; And our shooting was scheduled for nighttime. So, in the future there will be shooting. And the location where the shooting was, the locations of the Birisiri 'Sakhayet Lily Lake', we wanted to do the shooting, and the lake was the countless red lily; Really like watching a scene to enjoy. We could not care, but in the future, we will certainly shoot there.

The adverse weather caused a mess during the shooting Susang Durgapur.. Two days of shooting, but rain was until 11am -11.30 pm. We were very sad. Anyway, the shoot had started from 1 pm to late night. Two days of shooting Madhubabu house (Susang Maharaja's garden house), Susang landlord house (Durgapur Government Girls' High School), YMCA Birisiri, Sakayet Birisiri, Someshwari river's side, Garo hills.

Next shoot of Telefilm Susang Moharajer Guptadhon, will be held in Pubail, Gazipur.

If it could I went upward once more to end shooting in Susang Durgapur. Last time, about 45 artist with the crew - working in difficult and cost - well, we still have - because we wanted to show the story of the true location. We did not want to make the full production in any neighborhood of the capital Dhaka. We did not do that. What we have, it was very hard not feasible, but it seems to have brought joy. All artists and crew did enjoy. Really new locations - the shooting is amazing too, the same locations in any neighborhood of the capital Dhaka- while shooting repeatedly at artists tired. Dr. Ezaz said, "I've been Script, shooting in Susang Durgapur are better."

We have selected some beautiful locations in Pubail, including inside the shooting house Hasnahena and many locations our sides. Locations can be great with the scene, and are expected to be very good. Locations such were needed, so found.

Main artist Probir Mitra, Zamirul Zaman Saka, AKM Hasan, Sumaiya Hira, Sudorshon Chakrabartty, Sohel Rashid, Ahsanur Rahman, Abdur Rahman, Sheik Meraz, Sazzad Khan and more new faces.


AKM Hasan, Sumaiya Hira
AKM Hasan, Sumaiya Hira
Telefim : Enjoy shooting Video
From September 29th to October 1st,  Telefim Susang Moharajer Guptadhon - to sweeten the memories of many of us made during shooting. Two days of shooting, were really tight. Probir Mitra, Zamirul Zaman Saka, Dr. Ezaz, AKM Hasan, Sumaiya Hira, Sohel Rashid and many, all artist and crew, we've enjoyed together. In the morning it was raining, and we were praying, rain stop could generate employment in our delight. Maybe Dr. Ejaz giving hard chase, take a shoot takes so much time, alive - the rest of the scene is still a lot. That's all our pleasure!

Was found out, people in groups (different ages) has been rushed to see shooting. This is the problem for shooting unit, but this is the joy, did not crimp it. Everyone had fun, Glee Cast, pleasure. And so, the retention period for those that contain Photos. We do not know how much we have got from those Photos, but the memories remain.

We take in some of the scenes, video of this Telefilm will upload on this page, will soon. Till then, this photos video will bring joy is a bit swamped, but we would urge, this Photos video will remind us during shooting days and nights. Please enjoy. YouTube - has been uploaded to, see below.

Promo on Dailymotion...

Bangla comedy Natok / Telefilm সুসঙ্গ মহারাজের... by Foyjur

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Natural Beauty of Susang Durgapur

Susang Durgapur Map
Susang Durgapur Map
Natural Beauty of Susang Durgapur
Geographical details and landscaping of old Susang Parganas:

Netrakona was a subdivision of the Greater Mymensingh district. Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh government established Netrakona subdivision to Netrakona districts. In 13 Century CE, A religious and brave man called `Someshwar Pathok'  who had come from kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, India to the northern border of Netrakona district current Durgapur, he established Susang Parganas.

kannauj Someshwar Pathok Bengal Zamidar

He is the descendant of Susang Maharaja's. According to the description of the book (Second Volume of Barendra Brahman Zamidars of Mymensingh), was the ancient boundary - "Nenjasaila in Garo Hills to the north, east mahisakhala River, the western boundary of the river fits, flat land far to the south. Has subsequently been changed to adapt to the following boundary of Parganas - 'North, Range Garo Hills, the eastern boundary River, the western boundary circle fits rivers and Sherpur, South boundary Mymensingh Parganas. It is known that in 1950 CE, there were 950 villages, one of the Raj, Twenty Three Polls land, 3,19,898 Acres, which was in the sum of three thousand three hundred sq. Kilometers. Various minor and large rivers were running from the Garo Hills through Susang Parganas. More or less of the river currents closed due to a massive earthquake in Bengali year 1308.

Mymensing Netrakona Netrakona(BD Govt.) Susang Durgapur Garo Hills

The Kangsha, Someshwari, Netai, Khariya, Mahisakhali have untapped. In rivers Someshwari very clear water in winter, look at the underside of the water in the water can be seen distinctly through the sand beneath. But the rainy season water is real muddy. 'Mohashoul' one of the delicious fish found in the river. The 'Lachu'  fish particularly significant.

Someshwari Kangsha Netai Khariya Mahisakhali

There was a palace from Yore in Susang Parganas. Susang Durgapur is located about hundred eighty two km from Dhaka, thirty-six miles north-east from greater Mymensingh district headquarters and twenty five miles north of the present Netrakona district. The Maharaja's palace was built along the east bank of the river Someshwari. Many local people think that where the palace was built, 'Durgapur'(দুর্গাপুর) name is retained according to 'Adhisthaei Goddess' of Dasubari. If the name of `Durgapur' (দুর্গাপুর) is kept according to 'Adhisthaei Goddess' of dasubari, then why the spelling of Durgapur (দুর্গাপুর) with ‘ু’ instead of ‘‍ূ’? All recorded in the ancient documents of  land of the landlords - Durgapur (দুর্গাপুর) spelled with with ‘ু' instead of ‘‍ূ'. Even (দুর্গাপুর) spelled with ‘ু' instead of ‘‍ূ' in the book `Barendra Brahman Zamidars of Mymensingh, second volume'. No local one can articulate the mystery why Durgapur (দুর্গাপুর) spelled like that! So it seems 'Durgapur' (দুর্গাপুর) spelling with ‘ু' to be prudent and should be traced as it had written in all citations. The local name in ancient times was not very `Durgapur'. It was the western portion of the village `Langura' or `Lengura',  Lengura village still exists in east part of Durgapur village.
Someshwari River
(Script: Foyjur Razzak Tuhin and Voice: Probir Mitra)

Ancient 'Susang palace' was surrounded by walls. There were soldiers quarters, chambers, jail, Arsenal and gods with temples in Moated palace. Those Dev Temple had all the evidence of religious landlords. In the Bengali year 1304, the palace, temples and every pre-pride symbol has vanished forever by an earthquake. Foreign military personnel were to be landed there in the past for the protection of buildings. If there is Battle at the border local Garo, Hajong and different community would do to serve. At present there is no sign of the palace.

Garo Hajong

That time, The various types of trees and plants grows in Garo Hills. Sal, Gajari, Incense, Nageshwara, Teak, Bamboo, Cane, cotton was available. Low-quality coal (Kanglumarent) and calcareous soil was estimated to have in Garo Hills. Subsequently, during Pakistan period the Garo foothills were leased to several companies for Massive calcareous soil uptake. Aloes wood, resin, Sal, teak, wood, and so forth, was transported to the emperor of Delhi. Mountainous animal species in the wild, Tigers, buffalo, various national deer, elephants, rhinoceros, ladybug could be seen a lot more of the Garo hills; also Beer, ape, monkey, Hanuman, Ramakukkura, wood cats, peacocks, doves, forests Chick, Moorfowl, Birds etc. In 1869, Garo hills taken from Susang Parganas and included with Assam by the British government law. Afterwards that, according to the 'Elephant Preservation Act. Act. XI of 1879 and Govt. Notification dated May 19th 1884, the ability to catch Elephants by others are obsolete in the mountain. Later on the notification, Susang Moharaja's not entitled to collect trees other than the trees were flooding tide away from the hills. Susang maharaja's only empowered to collect these woods all that arrived was only  flooded washes in Somewhere river. Someshwari River flooding is not permanent more than 6-7 hours. Small Hills in one two miles could be seen to move from Durgapur and yet have seen or even small distance.

Garo Hills were lovely landscaping. The trees with big branch has expansion concrescence of beauty in the above hills. Witin the forest- jungle, different kinds of birds were singing  by sweet voices and kept the Forest is considered filled. Within the range of the ancient susang Parganas of Garo hills was a peak about four thousand feet high, It name was 'Guneshwar peaks'. Inside hills there was a wide range of beautiful cave named 'tapakhola'.

At that place were many Talukder, rent-free, Brammottara in Susang Parganas and due to them Susang landlord's income were much less. Many gentry people had held the village, also Talukder, landlords etc. Lived  in sankarapura,  narayanadahara, Khagra, bakalajora etc. Many other villages of Garo, Hasong, Hadi, Banai etc. And people of different nationalities were settled there. Manipur king Gambhir Singh's time some Manipuri residents have been harassed by local revolution and took shelter in the Susang area; Their descendants still living near ancient Susang maharaja's palace area (extinct); One of their main festivals Krishna rasalila. Present Residents of the Hasong, Garo has been civilized. Prior to obtain estate asset Barendra Bramhin were married princesses. There were many lakes named `jariya, rajadhala, naliya at Susang Parganas.

Susang was an 'era' prevalent. It was called 'susangabda' or 'paraganasana'. `susangabda' was eighteen months ahead than Bengali year (bangabda), from Ashwin month the `susangabda' were calculated.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Susang Moharajer Guptadhon


Probir Mitra
Probir Mitra
(Legendary Actor of Bangladesh)
Telefilm Susang Moharajer Guptadhon has been created based on long-cherished art - culture, customs and socio - economic background of Susang Durgapur. It has emerged that the social pictures that our entire Bangladesh from. It is not our intention to hurt anyone, but we want to build a mechanism for a society based on equality; We've tried to say the same thing. We believe that is true, it may not be genuine, we will recognize the truth; And this will open the eyes of us know the truth, to get a line around. We're dedicated efforts of our working class people of Bangladesh. May all life's beautiful.

Telefilm: Susang Moharajer Guptadhon
Screenplay: Foyjur Razzak Tuhin
Directed by: R.a. Rahul
D.O.P: Sovon (Durgapur Shooting) and Mosiur (Pubail Shooting)

Actors / Actresses :
Probir Mitra, Zamirul Zaman Shaka, Dr. Ezaz, AKM Hasan, Sumaiya Hira, Sudorson Chockrobarty, A. B. M Sohel Rashid, Ahsanur Rahman, Faruk Foysal, Sheikh Meraz, Maruf, Abdur Rahman, Zahed Hosen Mogla, Siktta, Sazzad Khan, Soroj Sikdar, Martha Monju Bristi, Sazzad Khan, Mahabubul Alam Ratan, Foyjur Razzak Tuhin, Anayet Kabir, Sohag and 500 Students.

Shooting Location: House of Modhubabu, Durgapur Govt. Girls High School, Garo Hills, Someshwari River, YMCA Birisiri and Hasnahena shooting house, Pubail.

Shooting date: 29th September to 1st October, 2013 and 5th May 2014.

Special gratitude to Mohd. Abdus Sobhan Talukdar (Writer: The History of Susang Dynasty)

In cooperation with:
Md. Abdur Razzak Advocate, Rubina Akter, Suraiya Gulsan Ara (Head Mistress, Durgapur Govt: Girls School), Gopal Das, Md. Yahia (Head Master, Susang Adarsso Biddaniketon), Commissioner Emrose Hossain, Sazzad Khan, Milton Debnath.